Professional Membership


(FREE membership to all successful medtrain students. 

The AMRA (Australian Medical Receptionist Association) is a professional membership body formed to unite front office staff within the health industry including secretaries, receptionists and administrators.

Medical Administration Training in association with AMRA provides career outcomes focusing on industry standards and employer requirements. In the health industry age is no barrier to employment.

Membership Benefits for our successful students!

1. Employment Opportunities

AMRA works directly with employers and employment agencies to help graduates find suitable employment. If you are an employer seeking the right candidate for your role please email us at for further information.

2. Up Skill your Career

AMRA has a management agreement in place with Medical Administration Training to provide a range of nationally recognised qualifications suitable for delivery as either full or part-time study programmes. Please see courses offered on this website.

Membership Criteria

1) Must be currently working in an administration role in the private or public health sector.


2) Successfully completed a  Health Administration qualification or Medical Reception and Terminology Course and looking for employment into the health industry.

All successful students of Medical Administration Training receive free membership into AMRA on completion of their course. (Valued at $70)

For AMRA registration contact us at or visit to see what benefits AMRA provides to its members.

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