It is not an exaggeration to state that a medical receptionist plays a vital role in the successful management of a healthcare practice. In many practices medical reception – or medical administration – is a multi-disciplinary position that calls for administrative skill, medical knowledge, and stellar customer service. The medical receptionist isn’t only expected to manage patients, patient records, and appointments, but also take care of billing, health insurance claims, and act as an intermediary between the doctor and other healthcare services.

It is a role that one can grow into through on-the-job training, but a professional medical receptionist course will provide the required skills and knowledge much faster. And with the best medical receptionist course Perth has to offer, you can expect Medical Administration Training (M.A.T) to give you access to those skills and knowledge, while providing an entryway to a world of opportunities.

A career in medical administration offers job security in one of the fastest growing industries in Australia, in a role that can’t easily be automated or outsourced. And as a medical receptionist you aren’t limited to only working in a private practice. Qualified medical receptionists are able to take on administrative roles in healthcare practices, clinics, and even hospitals.

Why should you choose M.A.Ts Medical Receptionist Course?

M.A.T is recognised in the healthcare industry for offering the finest and most comprehensive medical receptionist course in Perth.  Like our past graduates and alumni, you too can look forward to starting a long-term career in medical administration after completing the course.

The M.A.T medical receptionist course is all-encompassing, but focused students should be able to complete it in less than eight weeks. Over a two month period, you will work through four comprehensive units – and receive relevant practice management software tutorials – that will fully prepare you for your career in medical administration. And as noted earlier, with our Medical Receptionist and Terminology course you won’t be limited to working in private practices only. You’ll have access to careers in all healthcare facilities, including specialist clinics, or even working as a ward clerk.

We have been offering the medical receptionist course – and other healthcare courses – since 2004, allowing us to perfect the course content to emphasise the essentials. And as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), you’re assured that your training from M.A.T will be of the highest possible standard.

What are your study options for the Medical Receptionist Course?

Flexible learning options are a priority for many, and M.A.T offers both part-time and full-time study options for the Medical Receptionist Course that meet the needs of a busy modern society. Our online course is accessible to any student, regardless of where in Australia they are based, and whether or not they are currently employed full-time.

Students are able to study online at their own pace, and at times that suit them, using M.A.Ts easy to use e-learning program. Of course, support is available for those who prefer a bit of guidance.

What modules are included in the Medical Receptionist Course?

M.A.Ts Medical Reception and Terminology course is made up of four modules, along with tutorials in PracSoft and Best Practice, software programs that make managing appointments, billing, reporting and Medicare claims easier for any medical receptionist. The modules include:

  • Interpret And Apply Medical Terminology Appropriately
  • Prepare And Process Medical Accounts
  • Applying The Principles Of Confidentiality, Privacy And Security Within A Medical Environment
  • Maintain Patient Records

Students who successfully complete the M.A.T Medical Receptionist course will receive a Certificate of completion and a Statement of Attainment and access to our careers workshop.

M.A.Ts Medical Receptionist Course is designed not only for those wishing to start a career in medical administration, but also those currently working in this field and wanting to advance further.  You can speak to one of our qualified advisers to learn more.

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