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All medical administration courses are nationally recognised including the introductory medical reception course incorporating training in the widely used medical software Pracsoft. The courses and training techniques have been developed to assist the health industry by guiding people in the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to perform the role of a medical receptionist/secretary in a medical setting.

Medical Administration Training is a nationally recognised Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Corporate Training

M.A.T. offers specialised training for the corporate sector. If you have  staff to be trained, we will come to you or your desired location to train your team.

Overview of our Training Organisation

Medical Administration Training has been a Registered Training Organisation for the past 14 years with a focus on delivering high quality, cost effective training to the healthcare industry throughout Australia.  Through our exceptional training our focus is to ensure the skills and knowledge gained by the students is industry focused and workplace relevant.

Training Model

The following training model has been developed by Medical Administration Training to achieve the following:

  • To give each student the best chance of success in achieving their qualification through guidance and continual support throughout the training period.
  • Provide students with the confidence and self-esteem that comes with successfully completing a qualification.
  • Encourage participation within the health care workforce where their contribution can have a positive influence on their own quality of life and the lives of those they care for.


Our entire program is customised to suit your organisation. All our courses are nationally recognised and students receive either Statement of Attainment or certificate depending on the course and qualification.

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