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How long has Medical Administration (MAT) been providing training services?
Medical Administration Training (MAT) was established in 2004.

What is recognised training?

Australia offers a multitude of different qualifications, and it’s beneficial to understand the differences between these in order to decide on the right course for you.
Here at Medical Administration Training, we strive to provide a superior learning experience each and every day, helping our students gain the skills required to achieve their personal and professional dreams in a competitive global market.

In order to maintain our status as a Registered Training Organisation, we at Medical Administration Training must meet the Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations (SNR). This is assessed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). By maintaining our status as a leading RTO, we can offer you quality assurance, and the peace of mind that you are receiving nationally consistent, high quality vocational education and training.

Are your courses nationally recognised?
Yes, we are an Australian owned and run private Registered Training Organisation and provide nationally recognised training for the Health Administration sector.
What is online study?

Online study throws the need for a traditional, fixed classroom setting out the window for an alternative mode of education that allows you to learn your skills anywhere, anytime; without having to compromise on quality.
All you need is:

  • a computer
  • a stable internet connection
  • a study space of your choice to pursue the career goals you’re after.
How much time will I have with my trainer?

Medical Administration Training’s online courses are self-directed. This means you are ultimately in control of how you manage your studies.
However, we take pride in ensuring you never feel completely alone if you require some clarification or feedback on your course materials or assessments. That’s why we make sure our trainers are accessible to our students should you need them.

Student Support are contactable in a number of ways, and we’re sure one of them will suit your needs. This includes:

  • Messaging via your LMS (our online learning management system)
  • Email
  • Scheduling phone calls or online chats

Types of enquiries your support team handles are primarily academic support such as:

  • Help completing assessments
  • Help understanding learning concepts and content
  • Help using software and tools that are relevant to your studies

In addition, we make sure our Student Support team is there to answer any of those general non-academic enquiries such as:

  • Help with log in details
  • Trouble shooting uploading documents to the LMS
  • Support in navigating the LMS
Can I pay off a qualification or course with a payment plan?
Yes, our courses with a charge of $550 or more offer a payment plan option.
Am I eligible for funding?

QUEENSLAND:  Certificate and Diploma qualifications are subsidised for eligible Queensland residents through the Skills Assure Higher Level Skills program ‘funded by the Queensland Government’. Eligibility criteria applies. View our funding page for more details.

SOUTH AUSTRALIA: Certificate and Diploma qualifications are subsidised for eligible South Australian residents or workers through the South Australian Skills WorkReady and JobTrainer programs. Eligibility criteria applies. View our funding page for more details.

FEDERAL: The Skills Checkpoint for older workers is designed to help eligible older Australians aged between 45 and 70 to upskill. Eligibility criteria applies. View our funding page for more details.

Are your courses Centrelink approved?
Most of our courses (excluding Diploma’s) are Centrelink approved (conditions apply).  You will need to apply directly to Centrelink for information.  Our Centrelink Approval Number is 4P689.
I haven’t studied for years, can I still do one of your courses?
Yes, many of our students are return to work Mums or mature aged workers looking for a change. We will support you through every step of your course.
I am in my 50’s and I am concerned I am too old to get a job
The health industry is one of the few industry that actually value your life skills and your maturity is definitely no barrier to gaining employment.  Many practices are staffed with mature aged women – they bring other skills such as their overall life skills, communication skills etc. Look around your local medical centres and see the age range of the receptionists employed in those Practices. We think that will best answer your concerns.
Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a course?
Yes, check the course guide.
Is 'on the job' training a component of my course?

Most of our courses do not require “on the job” training

However if you wish to complete a Diploma level qualification you must be working in a health administration role.

Which course is right for me?

For many people, going back to study after being out of formal schooling for a while can be daunting. This is an introduction into courses and qualifications offered by Medical Administration Training (MAT) at each qualification level.


Short courses offered by MAT provide very specific training, and are usually designed to perform particular skill sets within an occupation. These courses are nationally recognised and are usually one or more accredited units of competencies (study modules) out of a certificate level qualification.  Short courses are great for professional development and upskilling or as an entry level study option for those with some but not all the skills required for specific job roles.

  • Short courses can usually be completed in 2 – 8 weeks (varies for each course).
  • You will receive a statement of attainment listing the units of competencies you have successfully completed.  These units of competencies can be used towards credit transfer into qualification courses should students decide to continue their studies.

Certificate III Qualifications

Certificate III level courses are a great way to get started on your career journey. These courses are designed to help you enter a role with the skills and knowledge needed.

The purpose of the Certificate III qualification type is to qualify individuals who apply a broad range of knowledge and skills in varied contexts to undertake skilled work and as a pathway for further learning.

  • Certificate III qualifications typically requires 3-6 months full-time study or 6-18 months part-time study
  • Our certificate III level courses usually contain 13 accredited units of competencies (study modules)
  • You will receive a Certificate and record of results when you have successfully completed.

Certificate IV Qualifications

Certificate IV courses are typically designed for people looking to move into supervisory positions and are ideal if you are looking to advance your career or as a pathway to further education.

The content delivered in a Certificate IV is mostly factual and technical, with less emphasis placed on theoretical knowledge.  Study at this level will enable you to develop a broad knowledge base of specialised skills and to apply the knowledge and skills in varied contexts.

  • Certificate IV qualifications typically requires 4-8 months full-time study or 8-24 months part-time study
  • Our certificate IV level courses usually contain 14 accredited units of competencies (study modules)
  • You will receive a Certificate and record of results when you have successfully completed.


A diploma provides you with a deeper understanding of a particular area of knowledge.  Many of our students studying our Diploma of Practice Management have been in Healthcare Administration roles for at least 5 years and they have either decided that they want to formalise their current skills, or have chosen to upskill themselves to ensure that they have the competitive edge over their colleagues or as a pathway to further study.

  • The duration of a diploma is 1-2 years.
  • Our Diploma level courses usually contain 15 accredited units of competencies (study modules)
  • You will receive a Diploma and record of results when you have successfully completed.
How fast can I complete my short course?

All of our home study courses are self-paced so this really depends on your other commitments, your prior work experience, and your dedication to complete.

For full-time study, most students can complete their short courses in approximately 2-4 weeks, while students who need to schedule study around their work and family commitments will usually take up to 8 weeks to achieve their qualification.

We understand that sometimes life just gets in the way, so we allocate an 8 week period for you to complete your short course with us.

How fast can I complete my qualification?

For full-time study, most students can complete their qualification in approximately 4 -12 months, while students who need to schedule study around their work and family commitments will usually take up to 18-24 months to achieve their qualification.

Am I guaranteed a job once I finish my course?

Training has many benefits, you acquire new skills, keep up with industry changes, build self-esteem, become more able to perform in your current role or gain employment.

In today’s competitive job market you need to gain that employment edge over others to get that promotion or new career. Increasingly, employers are looking for candidates that standout, what better way than by gaining a qualification.

Completing one of our courses will certainly improve your job prospects but does not guarantee you a job.

Can I gain academic credit for recognition of previous studies?
Yes, Medical Administration Training recognises other qualifications issued by other RTO’s. Application for mutual recognition of qualifications must be made in writing, together with evidence of completed units of competency.
What type of assessment activities can I expect?
Our assessments are competency based so relax no test with a pass or fail result.  How each course is assessed is listed each course guide.

What if I fail a unit?

We’ll do our best to help you succeed.

In competency based training there is no Pass or Fail.  Students demonstrate competence.  We allow students three attempts of each assessment and your Trainer will always provide you with written feedback to guide you.

Why should I choose to study with MAT?
We’re passionate educators and are “the specialist in health related training” and have been delivering Medical Reception and Health Administration courses around Australia since 2004.
How do I enrol and how long will it take until I can get started?

If you’re ready to get started, visit our website, Click on Apply Now, select your course and complete the easy online registration form.

We usually have students enrolled and ready to go in less than 3 business days.  You can always call us 1300 887 082 if you need assistance.