Australia has one of the fastest-growing healthcare industries in the world. Covid 19 Infection Control Training is essential with a booming population and rising economic strength, the need for well-trained and knowledgeable health care professionals grows every day. Whether you are currently working as a healthcare professional or are on the road to becoming one, it’s important for you to maximize your skills and qualities, and you can do this through specialised training. Perhaps the most important special skillset you can equip yourself with is infection control.

With Medical Administration Training’s infection control course, you can protect yourself and your patients at a higher level.

Why Take an Covid 19 Infection Control Training Course?

The National Health and Medical Research Council recently discovered that over 200,000 cases of healthcare facility infections are reported every year. It is well-known that hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare locations can commonly cause illness through infections, for everyone including patients, staff, and visitors. While healthcare professionals are educated in their duties and specialisations, their knowledge and proper infection control protocol or procedure can often be lacking.

For example, it’s important to remember that not all infections are airborne; some are caused by coming into contact with blood or saliva, from improperly washed hands, tools, or even door knobs.  Without proper knowledge of every precaution that can be taken, rapid transmission of illnesses can regularly occur in any healthcare facility. Possessing the skills to identify and neutralize infected situations with an infection control course can save your staff and patients time, money, and perhaps even their lives.

Who is Recommended for this Course?

Cross-contamination can occur in any industry, and in the healthcare industry it doesn’t matter if the location is in a large hospital or a small private practice; standard infection control precautions must be understood by everyone involved in maintaining hygiene, health, and cleanliness.

MAT’s infection control course is specifically designed for administrators or prospective administrators involved in healthcare facilities. We provide the latest education in infection control management, teaching both infection control first-timers and refreshing the knowledge of those who have studied it in the past.

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What Does the Covid 19 Infection Control Training Include?

There are three levels involved in the course, including:

Standard Infection Control Procedures

When faced with properly preparing a location for infection control, there are a number of standard procedures that any professional must adhere to. This includes the acceptable methods of disposing of contaminated waste, the most efficient way to sterilise and clean an area, and the most effective steps to keep your hands properly clean.

While some medical practitioners may believe that standard infection control procedures are generally common sense or standard etiquette, it is less likely for most people to follow these procedures when they are not properly educated.

Identifying and Assessing Risks and Hazards

If an area becomes infected, it is crucial that professionals are present who understand the best way to identify and assess the situation. Without this ability, infected tools, workplaces, and environments could continue to infect more individuals, spreading the problem further.

This course will equip medical practitioners with the trained confidence to identify potentially infectious situations. They will know how to determine the chances of a certain infection spreading beyond the infected area. And most importantly, they will know what the next steps should be to best control the infection before it gets out of hand.

Managing Different Situations Involving Infections 

What many healthcare professionals who have never undergone a Covid 19 Infection Control Training fail to understand is that different infections demand different responses. Not all infected scenarios are the same; in some cases, sanitation and cleaning are enough; in others, complete isolation is required. This will often involve the creation of “zones” in a healthcare facility, where the staff are informed of the areas to place infectious individuals to avoid contaminating others.

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Educating yourself with MAT’s nationally accredited Infection Control In A Health Setting Course can add tons of value to your role as a current or future healthcare professional immediately. For just $250*, you can be one of the next MAT-educated professionals with trained and prove ability, recognised all over Australia. MAT is the specialists in health-related courses, and we have been educating and training medical professionals all around Australia for over the last twelve years.

We have designed each and every one of our Medical Reception & Health Administration courses with only the most professional and dedicated individuals in mind, with the intention of further increasing the experience and knowledge of the Australian healthcare industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Find out more about our Infection Control Course with the guide, detailing everything you need to know from enrolment requirements to specific course details.

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