If you have been working in general administration and want to jump into the medical administration industry, or if you are currently working as a medical admin but you learned your skills through experience, a Certificate IV in Health Administration can help you build your knowledge base.

Certificate IV provides you with the training necessary to undertake job opportunities in areas such as practice management and team leadership in clinical leadership and focuses heavily on building your skills and preparing you for leadership roles in the medical area.

Starting from the basics and going through to more specialised units, here are the top 4 skills that you will learn from the Certificate IV of Health Administration:

1. How to Motivate Others

When you are working in a role such as a practice manager or team leader, knowing how to motivate your team is an important skill to have. Motivated staff are staff that is highly productive and efficient in their work, meaning that things run more smoothly in the business.

Having motivated staff is also good for your patients. Staff who are happy and who strive to do well deliver better customer service and can ease the stress on patients who are unwell or fearful.

2. How to Mentor and Coach Staff

The Certificate IV in Health Administration gives you all the tools to help you into a leadership position within the medical reception industry.

Being in a leadership role means that others will look to you for advice and assistance when it comes to improving their performance and furthering their career.

This is why the course helps you learn how to mentor and coach staff. Whether you are giving constructive criticism on a team member’s performance in the workplace or offering them advice on how to go about advancing their skill set, you will learn how to positively guide your team to success.

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3. How to Develop a Team

When you are in a medical reception environment, it is important that your admin team are fast, efficient and effective when it comes to their positions. Skill development is not only needed for new team members but is vital to keep your team performing at a high standard.

Certificate IV in Health Administration will help teach you how to offer this support to staff to help develop their skills so they can continue to work effectively in a busy and constantly changing environment.

4. How to Recruit and Induct Staff

When you are in a management position one of the most challenging jobs is staff recruitment and induction. Finding the right fit for your reception team is vital to keep your team happy and productive.

In Certificate IV in Health Administration, you will learn how to effectively recruit new staff and how to successfully run a staff induction so that new team members quickly become productive members of your team.

To find out more about Certificate IV in Health Administration visit the course page and download our comprehensive course guide which includes everything you need to know such as course fees, entry requirements, and career outcomes.

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