The healthcare industry is one of the best places to start a career. In Australia, there are several reasons why the healthcare industry is one of the biggest and fastest-growing producers of new stable jobs. These reasons include the rising population, the strong economy, and the increasingly health-conscious demographics across the country.

With such rapid growth comes an intense need for fresh, certified, and professionally trained and educated newcomers brimming with talent and enthusiasm for their career. One set of skills that is in high demand these days is practice management. Attaining your HLT57715 – Diploma In Practice Management can be the difference between taking your first step into the healthcare industry (or moving up the ladder), or struggling to find your next job.

MAT’s HLT57715 – Diploma In Practice Management: What Is It and Why MAT?

Medical Administration Training (MAT) HLT57715 – Diploma In Practice Management is more than just a proof of education. This nationally accredited HLT57715 Diploma in Practice Management is one of MAT’s best available courses. We have continued to train and educate prospective healthcare professionals around Australia for the last twelve years, and our efforts have been recognized by the highest echelons of the Australian healthcare and health servicing industries.

Thousands of healthcare professionals from hospitals, community centres, and private practices have put their trust in us and the education we provide for budding new healthcare professionals. At MAT, we value proper education for proper service, in the hopes of educating a generation of healthcare professionals that will turn our healthcare industry into the world’s best.

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The HLT57715 – Diploma In Practice Management from MAT is an honoured and recognised qualification all across Australia.  With an education from MAT—the specialists in health-related courses—employers will notice you immediately.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to undergo this course:

  • You are already working in the industry in an administrative role, but you would like to progress your career and are in need of extra qualifications and training
  • You are already working in a Practice Management role, but you worry about not having the formal qualification and training that will keep your career stable
  • You are a high-level administrator that wants to look into the possibilities of more flexible work opportunities in other parts of the health industry

With the Diploma of Practice Management, there are certain skills that will be developed throughout the course. These include 15 units of competency, where you will build skills like:

  • Working with diverse people
  • Managing compliance with legal and ethical matters
  • Taking care of billing and accounting systems in a healthcare facility
  • Creating policies that prevent widespread infections
  • Managing all aspects of the healthcare facility, including safety, customer service, budgeting, people performance, risk, and software
  • Understanding medical terminology

Practice Management roles are usually holistic endeavours that encompass a wide array of skills and abilities. Formal education in this area can separate you from those who are lacking the professional qualifications, making you stand out when applying for higher managerial roles in your healthcare facility.

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How Can I Take This Course?

 There are a few things you should know about achieving MAT’s Diploma in Practice Management and the course behind it.

Start immediately 

Unlike other classes, there is no set date of intake or starting. Every student is allowed to start whenever they are ready. As soon as you feel ready to proceed, you will be sent the materials required for you.

Work at your own pace 

This isn’t like school. We treat you like the professional adult you are and give you the time and space to learn and work on your own. No tests, no deadlines, no strict memorization. Showing a sufficient learning of the units is enough to earn your diploma.

Learn from home 

To make it extra convenient for you, this course is entirely distance-based, meaning it is done completely online, from the comfort of your own living room. If you wish, you can opt to have your learning and assessment materials sent to you as a hard copy.

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