Are you working in the medical field in health administration or any related industry and are looking to find better opportunities higher up the ladder in the healthcare sector? With opportunities and jobs flourishing throughout the health industry in Australia, it is one of the fastest growing industries and also one of the most, most beneficial for financial security and career advancement, as long as you have the right qualifications. For many, the next step in their healthcare administration career consists of completing the Certificate III in health administration.

At MAT, we provide a nationally accredited HLT37315 Certificate III in Health Administration Course, and we are well known for supplying thousands with an updated and advanced course that is guaranteed to educate you in everything you need to know about Certificate III in Health Administration.


What Do I Need to Know about this Course?

Simply this: it is the ideal online education to train and prepare you for Certificate III in Health Administration. With over 12 years of experience in training thousands of healthcare professionals in a variety of Medical Reception & Health Administration courses all over Australia, MAT promises:

  • A thorough and professionally designed course that consists of 13 units of competency
  • An introduction course, refresher course, and skill advancement course that is beneficial to all professionals seeking to advance in the industry, including inexperienced, returning, and long-time professionals
  • Up to 18 months of guided, distance-based online education, with Trainer Support services available to every student signed up
  • A flexible and diverse program, allowing students to jump in at any time with no set dates for start or end
  • Government subsidy options available

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Benefits of Taking the MAT Certificate III in Health Administration Course

There are a number of benefits that one will receive during and after completion of the Certificate III in Health Administration course with MAT. These benefits include:


1) Wider Career Opportunities

After successfully completing the course, you will find yourself a candidate for a number of new career opportunities that were not previously available. Some of the new jobs you can be selected for include Medical Receptionist, Ward Clerk, Administration Assistant, Admissions Clerk, and more. It will also be possible for you to find employment at various medical practices, hospitals, and with various private health care providers, such as certain specialists and clinics. Your skills and knowledge attained from the course will immediately add value to these offices, making you a valuable member of their team.


2) Discounts For Continued Education 

There’s no reason to stop at Certificate III in Health Administration. Medical Administration Training provides fully accredited training all the way to Diploma level qualifications in Business and Health Administration. Students who successfully complete a course are awarded discounts on your next courses, allowing you to continue your education and further solidify your future.

Start Your Journey To Certificate III in Health Administration Today

What are you waiting for? Here are more reasons why you would be missing out by ignoring this opportunity:

  • Age is no barrier: whether you’re 16 or 60, you can sign up for this course and better yourself right now
  • Flexible work environment
  • Student support
  • Flexible dates and deadlines
  • A course that works for you, with activities, written or verbal tests, projects, and self-paced learning
  • Amazing payment plans
  • All learning materials are provided
  • All online

Begin or advance your career in the healthcare and health administration industry. Secure your financially stable future and start your path to a career that is both financially and mentally rewarding.

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