Have you ever wondered if getting involved in a medical career is worth it financially?

When you look at the statistics, it is evident that those who work within the medical industry receive a high remuneration for their job position.

We have analysed statistics taken from Adzuna to break down the average salaries for the most common medical roles including:

  • Medical Receptionist
  • General Practitioner
  • Radiographer
  • Physiotherapist
  • Pathologist
  • Nurse
  • Practice Manager

Here is a list of detailed findings within each medical role:


Medical Receptionist = $63,704

A medical receptionist is a key part to any medical centre and healthcare team. All of the medical staff within a healthcare facility (i.e. doctors, nurses, administrative staff, pathology, radiology and more) heavily rely on the medical receptionist to create a friendly, welcoming and highly organized front office for patients and to facilitate their flow through the facility.

Interestingly enough, New South Wales and Queensland take up over 50% of the available job adverts for Medical Receptionists in Australia. It’s a growing field and medical receptionists not only have a great remuneration for their work but also get to enjoy a diverse role.

To be a medical receptionist the core skills that are required are to have strong computer skills as well as thorough understanding of medical terminology. It is highly recommended that a prerequisite to obtaining a job in this field is to complete a medical reception and terminology course.

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General Practitioner = $207,084

A general practitioner, also widely known as a GP, is a highly qualified physician who does not specialize in one specific area of medicine. They are normally known as a generalist. GPs provide routine health care to their patients (for example, immunizations, physical checkups, and examinations). Generally, they assess and treat a range of different conditions, including common illnesses and injuries.


Radiographer = $91,312

A radiographer (also can be referred as a ‘medical imaging technologist’ or a ‘diagnostic radiographer’) is a valuable member to any healthcare team. They are a highly skilled and qualified health expert who is responsible for producing X-rays, CT (computed tomography) scans and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans to assist medical specialists to describe, diagnose, monitor and treat patient’s injuries or illnesses. The equipment used in this process is extremely cutting edge, is highly expensive and industry leading. Radiographers are trained in using this equipment and generally have great computer and technical skills.


Physiotherapist = $91,312

A physiotherapist is a ‘Musculoskeletal’ professional who specializes in orthopaedics. A typical physiotherapist will specialize in the treatment of common back pains, neck strains, arthritis, bursitis, posture issues, sport and workplace injuries and overall mobility problems. The spend a lot of time working with patients over a longer period of time (consistent intervals) to rehabilitate injuries and issues (especially patients who have experienced a recent surgery).


Pathologist = $81,555

The majority of important medical decisions rely on pathology

A Pathologist is a physician who is highly experienced with laboratory medicine and tissue diagnosis. They are specialists in determining the cause and nature of diseases by examining and testing body tissues (from biopsies and pap smears, for example) and bodily fluids (from samples including blood and urine).

The results from these pathology tests help doctors to give a highly informed diagnosis based on laboratory evidence so that they can treat and diagnose patients with pinpoint accuracy

Patients generally rely on blood tests, biopsies and a variety of other pathology tests to prevent, diagnose and treat infections, allergies, chronic diseases, cancers and countless other medical conditions. It’s a very detailed orientated role and one which comes with high responsibility.


Nurse = $85,506

Nurses play extremely important roles in medical centres, hospitals, clinics and private practices. Of the 331,804 nurses registered in Australia, 82% were registered as RNs, while only 18% were registered as ENs. General nursing duties include communicating between patients and doctors, caring for patients, administering medicine and supervising nurses’ aides. Nurses are the ones who are the ‘forefront’ of the patient. Medical centres rely heavily on their nurses to hold a friendly and professional relationship with the patient during their time of care.


Practice Manager = $159,330

A Practice Manager (also known as Medical Manager or a Healthcare Administrator) is one of the most highly valued members of any medical centre or healthcare facility.

A Practice Manager’s role involves implementing standard policies and procedures that keep the practice running professionally, effectively and efficiently. They are also in charge of responding to any unexpected issues that often happen in a place of high activity.

Generally, the Practice Manager is also in charge of staffing and many human resource areas. It is commonly accepted that in smaller practices or medical centres that the Practice Manager is also responsible for a range of financial jobs and managing the overall financial situation of the business too.

Practice Managers need a range of skills to be the best in their industry and be competent for the role. It is highly recommended that Practice Managers have a minimum of a Diploma of Practice Management before they apply for a Practice Manager role.

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