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Have you been out of the workforce recently or looking at changing your career direction?  Did you know the health industry is the single largest employer in Australia? We are all aware of Australia’s continuing growth in population ensuring jobs in health  are plentiful.  You have some previous experience in an other industries  and looking at transitioning into the medical and healthcare sector. Alternatively,  you may need wish  to improve or formalise your knowledge and skills, to add value to your position in your health administration role or to gain a promotion!

Whatever your reason, a Certificate III in Health Administration qualification is your key opportunity towards achieving your career goals.  However, finding the ideal training institution can be difficult. Medical Administration Training is the specialist provider of qualifications in medical and health administration throughout Australia and have trained thousands of students over the past 15 years. These students have progressed through to  secure employment in the health industry.

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Here are more reasons why we are the preferred course provider for

Certificate  III in Health Administration courses:

Tried and Tested Courses 

M.A.T has been educating professionals in the medical and healthcare industry for nearly the last fifteen years. Several times a year, we review and update our course material and education techniques. Our courses are tried and tested and have helped thousands of people just like  you to achieve their career goals through employment in both hospitals and medical practices.

A Commitment to You 

M.A.T understands the need to provide access and education to students in even the most unique circumstances. We offer students the ability to complete their full certifications in Cert III Health Administration courses and other healthcare courses from the comfort of their own homes.

We believe that all individuals deserve the opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in a way that works for them. Whether you are a full-time student, a full-time professional working odd hours, or you have any other responsibilities that keep you from committing to a traditional classroom setting and schedule, you can still complete our Cert III Health Administration course at your own pace through our e-learning  platform.

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A Responsibility Towards Employment

 The end goal of every course offered by M.A.T is not to award our students with their chosen certifications, but to ensure that they find professional and satisfying employment in the medical and healthcare industry. Our courses are specifically designed to produce “job ready” students, or professionals who are fully-equipped to plunge into the next step of their career.

After you have completed your Certificate III in Health Administration course with M.A.T, you will be offered up to date career advice and strategies to help you gain that job in the health industry.

Work with Experienced Trainers

At M.A.T, we value the source of knowledge as much as we value the knowledge itself. No student can fully learn from material alone, which is why we have various trainers who are experienced leaders in their fields and positions. Your education will not be limited to textbooks and manuals but will be further shaped by the personal experience of trainers who have accomplished and succeeded in their careers in the medical industry.

The Director of M.A.T is Ann McFillin, who has been working closely with the Australian health industry for years, ensuring  the education and skill sets delivered to students align with the expectations and needs of employers in the healthcare industry throughout Australia. M.A.T’s trainers regularly review and update their own training methods, making sure that they keep up with the latest in training and learning research.

At Medical Administration Training, we show our students the value of education and how education can propel a student into a successful and rewarding career path in health administration.

If the Certificate III in Health Administration course offered by Medical Administration Training interests you, then feel free to find out everything you need to know here.

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