For many people, going back to study after being out of formal schooling for a while can be daunting. This is where a Certificate III in Health Administration really shines. It acts as a perfect reintroduction into the world of higher education, while providing a relatively stress-free and easy-going learning environment, while delivering solid career prospects.

With the course consisting of up to 24 months of online based study, you have the time to complete your training at your own pace, ensuring the best result for you. This means that you can achieve formal and nationally recognised qualifications without the long-term commitment and stress of university study.

Here are the top four benefits of undertaking the Certificate III in Health Administration as your re-entry into formal study.

1. Great Options for Employment Upon Graduation

Currently, the medical reception industry is booming which has resulted in more jobs becoming available. According to Job Outlook (an initiative run by the Australian government), the number of job openings in medical reception is expected to be greater than 50,000 by November of 2019.

If you hold a Certificate III in Health Administration, there are a variety of different jobs options available to you once you graduate. Some of these include admin clerks, administration assistants, ward clerk,s and medical receptionists.

2. Provides A Solid Foundation If You Wish to Move onto Further Study

If you are looking for a long-term career in the medical administration industry, the Certificate III in Health Administration can act as a brilliant jumping off point for further study, and career advancement.

From Certificate III, you can move onto Certificate IV in Health Administration or the Diploma of Practice Management, where you can take the opportunity to build on and hone your skills and move into team leader or practice management roles.

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3. It Can Help You Learn New Skills and Expand on Old Ones

If you have been working in a general administration role and want to change industries, or if you are currently working as a medical admin but you learned your skills through experience, Certificate III in Health Administration can help you build your knowledge base.

Acting as an introduction to medical administration, this course teaches you the essential skills needed in the role.

From the basics of infection control to appropriately interpreting and applying medical terminology, the course will help fill in the gaps in your knowledge that are specific to the medical industry and are not found in a regular office reception position.

4. Options for Government Subsidised Training

The Certificate III in Health Administration is a government sponsored course, which means that if you are a QLD resident and haven’t previously enrolled in post school study of a Certificate III or higher, you may be eligible to have your training subsidised by the QLD Government.

To find out more about Certificate III in Health Administration visit the course page and download our comprehensive course guide which includes everything you need to know.

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